Activewear is what I live in. I cycle, om-it-out and bake in leggings and sports bras. It’s no joke. I wear the tight ones to do HIIT and the more relaxed ones for when I’ve locked myself up in the kitchen. And because I am obsessed with good activewear, I’ve decided to make short reviews about them to hopefully help you make an informed decision about your next purchase! Workout clothes are NOT cheap and you want to make sure you invest in the right gear to make you look and feel great during your sweat session – however you choose to have it. Happy shopping!

Last week I got to try on my Hollow Rock Gear for my 4th week of #HIITthemat. (Join the workout here.) I put on the diverse reversible bra in blue and gray and the deuce full length leggings. I’m 5’1 and 95 pounds and I wear an XS for both. It was my first time to see the brand in Manila so I was excited to see how it held up during a workout!

Diverse Reversible Bra

  • A Cozy Bra: This piece was comfortable, flattering and easy to put on. I usually struggle getting supportive sports bras on but this was so easy to put on I didn’t mind changing in and out of it since the fabric was soft yet supportive.
  • With Good Fit: The fit was perfect for me. (I’m a 34A) The support was great for a bra that was very strappy.
  • Double Purpose: Probably my favorite feature of this bra was that when I turned it inside out, I realized it was reversible! That makes it easy to match and wear more often. Great strappy details on the back add to the aesthetic of the bra.
  • Sans the Pad: The only thing I would add would probably be some pads but otherwise, this top has made my list of favorites.

Deuce Full Length Leggings

  • Tight but not constricting: Full length is my preference in leggings and I loved the fit of these all the way until the ankles. I have some great pairs of leggings that are just too big at the ankles or are awkward around the hips but these fit like a glove everywhere. As for compression, the leggings keep everything tight (just make sure you get the right size) and the waistband on top is great at keeping everything tucked into place.
  • What makes women go crazy: And the best thing was that it had pockets! Personally I don’t slip any car keys or cards in my activewear but I looove slipping my hands in when it gets cold. Haha!
  • Silky fabric: If you’re one of those people that hate seeing the panty line and thus wear thongs or go au natural when wearing leggings, you could consider initiating that plan with these. The fabric is awesome, stretchy and comfortable but runs a little bit thinner than I prefer.

Overall, with this set as my first taste of Hollow Rock Gear, I’m happy to say I was quite happy with everything! They faired well for my HIIT routine and are likely to be good for yoga as well. (The bra was actually comfy enough for me to wear the rest of the day.) Follow @hollowrockph on Instagram to get your gear here in Manila to experience their wares for yourself.