When I was younger I always classified myself as a “dreamer”. That made so much sense to my personality as a creative and I went with it. As I got older, the rules of the world became more clear and I learned that, while dreams, no matter how big, are never out of reach, they must be earned. In between what you want and where you are is what you are willing to do. In my life so far I’ve dreamed many dreams. I thought I’d live the life of an astronaut up in space, or that of the Philippine President fixing all the things that needed fixing, or a Tomb Raider like Lara Croft, solving ancient mysteries in unknown parts of the world. Whatever it was I always wanted it to be wild, adventurous and out of the box.

Today my dreaming takes me to set my sights on island life. The lure of the ocean breeze and the challenge of conquering my great fear of the ocean through surfing eventually became irresistible. I imagined making smoothie bowls and chia seed puddings for my friends and I, going out to meet the waves and then coming home to two labradors and a golden retriever puppy – specific, I know, but only because my vision was so clear. As I’ve said, dreamers only get to manifest their dreams if they act towards them. This is where dreams become more than hopes. At this point dreams become goals.

I plotted my way towards this life and set my sights on the island of Siargao. Luckily I found Gel, a friend that shared my goals fully, and we decided to put all our eggs in one basket and secure a place there. When we made our plans not a lot of people took us seriously. It seemed like something people always said they wanted to do but never did. Thing is, we were serious and we knew exactly what we needed to do.

We’re still working out all the kinks as we facilitate our migration away from Manila but I feel we’re right on schedule. After enduring the hustle in the Philippine capital we thought it was time to recollect and explore our potential in a place of calm, where everything is 20 minutes away. The trade off I guess would be the convenience of living in the city and of course being in constant LDR with friends but we’ll see how it goes and like all big-girl dreams, we’ll make it work. My plan is to find a place where all my creative pursuits can thrive and where my heart can feel settled. Maybe I’ll do some more writing as we set up shop and even a little Mana Bites by our yet-to-be-named bed and breakfast.

Also, it’s not as crazy as people may think. It’s important to meet the unknown head on in order to expand your perspective. Truthfully, we don’t know what the island holds for us but we’re excited to see what surprises it has waiting. The plans are all open. I just want to see where life takes me and I’m happy it’s taking me to ground my feet in the sand. Beyond everything I’m excited to share eco-friendly practices and vibe with the (already existing) environmental movements on the island. Initiatives like Nature Kids of Siargao and non-profits like Sun Crew Siargao create a community that is mindful and I’m so excited to immerse in that. The highest point of my dreaming involves making a real contribution to the world with all the tools at my disposal. True fulfillment, as I define it cannot be without actions that make positive change. To all the loaded challenges awaiting us at shore, we’re ready.