My lashes have always been short – short enough that coming into contact with an eyelash curler at any point in time gets my palms sweaty. I would always need to inform whoever was doing my make-up (of course since I’m totally clueless on how to do my own) to be careful with my tiny barely-there little lashes.

A couple of weeks ago I thought it was a good idea to get falsies applied at the neighborhood salon just for an event that evening. The stylist, who happily applied my lashes even said “Ganyan na ba talaga yan?” (Have they always been like that?) – to which my alerted but totally self-aware self blurted out laughing and replied “Yes, maliit talaga yan they are the shortest lashes in the world.”

To make it perfectly clear it never bothered me that they were so short, but it just seemed like a little experimentation couldn’t hurt! Some of my friends have gotten extensions and then I quickly took notice of how much lashes take effect. I only probably learned the appeal of “batting eyelashes” when I earned some longer ones myself.

Then came Browhaus. It was a quick (maybe 30-minute) session in their Rockwell branch and I suddenly felt my eyes get brighter.The best part was that there was no need for the dreaded eyelash curler or mascara. I woke up everyday for the past week and boom – my lashes were always ready to face the day! It’s as if my range of expression gained farther reaches so to speak and I never needed to lift a finger. I tried their Lash In Bloom Strand by Strand Extensions.

The process was quick and painless and the outcome was perfectly natural. After a week of existing with my -now long and volumized- lashes I am convinced that this is how they should always look! I found myself blinking a lot more than usual just because it was a such a different feeling (and because of course I wanted whoever I was talking to to take notice of the change. Haha!) And people definitely did notice even without my exaggerations. My mom was the biggest fan of the new change and they were so convincing that it even got her thinking of getting extensions for herself. Browhaus made my lashes look so natural and I was so impressed with the outcome. The extensions make me feel dressed for any occasion in the simplest way. If you’re like me and you don’t dabble into painting your face in the morning, if there’s one thing you can invest on, I would say go for the lashes (or the brows!) – there’s something remarkable about embellishing one’s eyes.



Thinking of heading to Browhaus for those Lashes in Bloom? Here are a few tips:

1. Mind the lashes: I’m rough with myself. I’m just really malikot. I learned that getting out of tight sports bras or hastily removing clothing now needs to be done with care. Be careful with them and then carry on with your fabulous self.
2. Wash your face with cold water only! The glue in your new found lashes hate hot water. For me it’s hot water for the body and refreshing room temp or cold water for the face.
3. No working out within 24-hours of your Lash in Bloom session. You must let the glue set before you sweat it out! Pick a rest day for your appointment and then allow Browhaus to do their magic.


It’s amazing how such a little thing can make such a big difference! Talking about little things, another discovery I made at Browhaus was their cheek tint! Just a little bit goes a long way and the best part, especially for a no-fuss kind of fitness girl like me, was that it stays on even after a workout! You know, the hot pilates moms or the after-work fitness buffs that always come out of a workout still looking super fresh and together? Totally achievable with Browhaus’ new cheek tint. The best part is that you don’t need too much of it to get that natural glow. Just one drop per cheek already does the trick – AND it’s vegan too! They’ve got all the boxes checked: mindful + non-fade + natural. Yaaaaas to all that!

Being a fan of their sister company Strip, I expected no less from Browhaus in terms of expertise and overall experience. They make pampering and prettifying oneself full of ease. Now, for the next three weeks I’m taking on the world with brighter eyes and a more confident glance with my lashes in bloom until I have to go back to my short (but appreciated none the less!) lashes. Go and experience Browhaus for yourself this summer! They have an exiting menu of services that make your lovely self even lovelier! To see more of the looks they’ve crafted, go check them out on Instagram. You can also view their website to check out their branches and set an appointment.